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Polymeric ferric sulfate morphology is a pale yellow amorphous powdery solid, easily soluble in water, 10% by weight aqueous solution is reddish brown transparent solution, hygroscopicity.

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    • Commodity name: Spilfyter
    • Commodity ID: 1078000436289097728

    Our adsorbent products are divided into the following four categories:

      ● Platinum - "SMS" series, suitable for products requiring toughness, anti-wear, fluff less

      Of the end user.

      Gold and Gold HD - "SM" series, suitable for the quality of the adsorbent

      Demanding high end users.

      ● Silver (Silver) - suitable for meeting the daily needs of spunbond meltblown sorbent products.

      ● Bronze - This series of products is suitable for customers who require simple and rapid adsorption of leaks.

      There are three main adsorbents:

      Oil-absorbing type: White and / or blue adsorbent listed in the blue section of this catalog. This water-resistant adsorbent can absorb all oil-based liquids

      Body. They are different from the oil that can float on the water and absorb only the water. Oil-absorbing special adsorbent can absorb all kinds of oil, bag

      Including lubricants, fuel oil, mineral oil and corn oil, olive oil and other vegetable oils.

      Maintenance type: Gray and / or green adsorbent listed in the gray section of this catalog. They are able to absorb all water-based and oil-based industrial fluids,

      Very suitable for use in the factory - the factory will use a variety of liquids such as cutting fluid, lubricants, coolants and so on. But for acids and bases

      The use of such adsorbents is not recommended for corrosive liquids.

      Dangerous Type: Yellow adsorbent listed in the orange section of this catalog. They are specifically used to absorb acid, alkali and other corrosive liquids, very

      Suitable for use in laboratories and other corrosive liquids.


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