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Polymeric ferric sulfate morphology is a pale yellow amorphous powdery solid, easily soluble in water, 10% by weight aqueous solution is reddish brown transparent solution, hygroscopicity.

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    SYLGARD high voltage insulation coating


      Increase arc resistance and hydrophobicity

      With the surface after the pollution can restore the performance of water resistance

      Contains a special arc resistance additive that reduces surface damage in inclement weather


      Silicone RTV dispersible coating

      Can pour liquid


      For glass ceramics and composite products to improve the surface dielectric properties

      For on-line and stationary insulators, such as insulation kits, instrumentation transformers and other related equipment

      Improve the surface resistance of the frame type boom

      Switch and large motor to improve the arc resistance of some of the equipment such as blocking plate


      SYLGARD high-voltage insulation coating for the one-component silicone RTV dispersion, used to improve the ceramic and non-silicone materials, high-voltage insulation and similar parts coated with solidified in the insulator surface will form a smooth layer of elastic film, Water-based, when the surface contamination of the silicone can still maintain a high surface resistance, reduce current leakage and prevent flashover of pollutants.

      SYLGARD high-pressure insulation coating contains a special arc resistance additives, can reduce the harsh weather, such as salt spray in the state of the state under the damage, the paint can also be used for large switches and large motors need to improve the arc resistance of some equipment such as blocking Plate and so on.

      Products can reduce the insulation and related equipment maintenance process, such as do not need to repeatedly washed and oil

      Application method

      Before use, SYLGARD high-pressure insulation coating evenly in a roll to form a uniform coating.

      SYLGARD high-pressure insulation coating should be applied to clean and dry surface, the use of SYLGARD high-pressure insulation coating before the parts should be coated with silicone grease completely clean.

      In addition to glass and ceramics, other parts of the surface should be pretreated to ensure cohesion, the use of pretreatment agent can consult Dow Corning's technical services.

      After high pressure washing. The surface of the SYLGARD high-pressure insulating coating was previously coated again.

      The product can be sprayed or painted or dipped. It is recommended that the dry film thickness be 20 mils (0.020 in.) And be sprayed several times to reach this thickness. The cure time depends on temperature and humidity, typically 2-6 hours. Wait 20-30 minutes.


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