Wanyun Huarui

Wanyun Huarui

Job Offers

Position: Number of sales representatives: Several

description of job:

Job Responsibilities

1, sales staff positions, in the higher level of leadership and supervision on a regular basis to complete the work of quantitative requirements, and can independently handle and solve the tasks responsible for;

2, management of customer relationships, complete sales tasks;

3, to understand and explore customer needs and purchase desire to introduce their own products, the advantages and characteristics;

4, to provide professional advice to customers;

5, the collection of potential customer information;

6, receive accounts receivable.


1, specialist and above, marketing and other related professional;

2, more than 1 year sales industry work experience, outstanding performance is preferred;

3, outgoing personality, quick response, strong ability to express, with strong communication skills and communication skills, with affinity;

4, with a certain degree of market analysis and judgment, a good sense of customer service;

5, a sense of responsibility, can withstand greater work pressure.


Position: Chemical Technician: 1

description of job:

Job Responsibilities

1, responsible for the development of chemical products and the improvement of the original product;

2, responsible for the chemical product production process control, analysis and troubleshooting of technical problems;

3, responsible for new products, new technology import and tracking;

4, responsible for the existing production equipment, technological improvements and the introduction of new technologies.


1, undergraduate and above, chemical technology, household chemicals, fine chemicals, applied chemistry and other related professional;

2, 2 years of chemical production or technical work experience, experience in chemical technology management is preferred;

3, the chemical equipment, containers, etc. have a full understanding and contact, a solid theoretical basis and practical experience;

4, with strong communication skills and analytical skills, have a certain ability to solve problems, innovation, test design capabilities;

5, have a strong sense of responsibility and dedication, can be hard-working.