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Paint threatening water-based lacquer environmental protection wardrobe development difficult


For the wardrobe business, want to create a combination of consumer minds of the green wardrobe, choose a good environmental protection wardrobe painting is very important. This year, an environmental

For the wardrobe business, want to create a combination of consumer minds of the green wardrobe, choose a good environmental protection wardrobe painting is very important. This year, an environmentally friendly paint - water-based paint, by a number of wardrobe and other furniture business concerns, it seems that many have a "test the water" mentality. However, it is necessary to admit that the traditional paint still occupy most of the domestic market, its presence will still affect the long-term development of water-based paint, and wardrobe business, environmental protection wardrobe to build the road seems to be blocked.


Paint pollution is still serious in our country


Fog haze in recent years in our country often occurs, it is an important reason for the occurrence of PM 2.5, the main source of vehicle emissions accounted for 30%, VOC (volatile organic compounds) emissions accounted for 21%, other daily power generation, industrial production The process of combustion and emissions accounted for 49% of the residue, while about 18% of VOC emissions from solvent-based paint emissions generated.


The harm of paint is more than that. Paint to extract oil and coal from the organic solvent to dilute the treatment, not only need to consume fossil energy, organic solvents also contain a lot of benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde and other toxic and hazardous substances, the volatile period of up to ten years The Long-term inhalation of these solvents and curing agent of the volatile gas can lead to aplastic anemia, leukemia, tuberculosis, pleurisy and other serious diseases. Although the EU in 2004 to prohibit the production of paint, however, in most parts of China, the paint is still popular.


The development of environmentally friendly water-based paint is difficult


Water-based paints can significantly reduce VOC emissions relative to conventional solvent-based paints. Not only can effectively reduce the impact on the environment, but also help to reduce the potential risk of occupational diseases, reduce fire risk and storage risks. However, water-based paint in China's low awareness, promotion difficult, less application, lack of production technology, and standard blank, there are concept warfare, price war and other vicious competition.


An industry insiders believe that in foreign countries, the application rate of water paint up to 90%. In China, the market share of water paint less than 5%. As the national level of publicity, promotion and application is not enough, resulting in water paint in China, low awareness, difficult to promote, less application, paint is still popular.


Environmental wardrobe development blocked


Today, the concept of green has been deeply rooted. People in the choice of wardrobes and other furniture, more and more attention to the environmental protection of the product is good enough. Therefore, for many wardrobe and other furniture companies, to create environmentally friendly products to become the future direction of development of enterprises. Water-based paint is the most environmentally friendly paint, in the future production of the production process of the wardrobe, wardrobe products should be the main source of paint. However, for now, China's water-based paint itself in the development of the road there are still some difficulties in the future seems to be very confused, for the wardrobe business, want to create a more environmentally friendly wardrobe products seem more distant.


However, in any case, water-based paint as a new thing, at the beginning of the development will certainly encounter many difficulties, although all of a sudden can not replace the traditional paint, but still have the opportunity, and the wardrobe business should be filled with water-based paint Confidence, confidence in their future development, and strive to create a satisfactory environmental wardrobe.

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