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Wanyun Huarui

Paint companies need to think about how to do marketing?


The rapid development of the times, the concept of consumers is constantly changing. Consumers never pay attention to the product brand into the beginning to have a certain brand awareness. Paint indu

The rapid development of the times, the concept of consumers is constantly changing. Consumers never pay attention to the product brand into the beginning to have a certain brand awareness. Paint industry from the homogenization of consumer fatigue caused by fatigue, sales decline, excess capacity. This heavy development cycle makes the paint business deep mud. Paint companies need to improve brand awareness, innovation breakthrough homogenization bottleneck.


Paint promotional ideas


Gold nine silver ten has come to an end, unlike in previous years, this year more and more rational consumers. Often a time to do the activities, the traffic certainly increased, but attractive or in the concessions and other links. But after the holidays, picky consumers will not only because of preferential efforts and heart. After the holiday, although the preferential efforts are still continuing, but obviously can not meet the discerning vision of consumers, so in order to adapt to this phenomenon, innovation is the development of the paint market, but also based on the foundation.


On the current paint market, some enterprises because of the limited strength of their own brand, in the creative aspects of the lack of, which led to the phenomenon of follow the trend. "Used to do" popular in the paint industry, and some companies follow the trend of "factory direct purchase", and some are vigorously promotional activities, dazzling promotional links so many consumers feel dizzying, followed by the product is also like a cursory , Forget to forget. In this way, the paint business to spend energy to do the promotional activities did not bring real promotions.


Over-marketing is not desirable


There was a well-known large-scale building materials shopping malls, finished "paint festival" over "paint week" and then "paint event" and so on, saw the market busy, a piece of thriving. But in the consumer paralyzed to wait and see, the mall on the donkey poor, the door can go.


Over-promotion is the result of product homogeneity, to solve the problem is naturally the product innovation. To prevent competitors to imitate, it is necessary to change the new product development model of technology, and in the product before the birth of market barriers to strengthen the market appeal of the product.


It is undeniable that the appropriate promotion can promote the product sales to rise, but also can cause consumers to continue to pay attention, and then promote the volume. But the consequences of over-marketing, paint industry may lead to the crisis of the brand, the future development of the brand is very negative long-term. In the fierce competition in the market to create a different consumer experience effect, is the paint business in the marketing should pay attention to the part.


Brand marketing is the key


On the paint market, consumers experienced a series of price promotions and other activities, itself will have its "antibody", so the paint business and dealers in the promotional activities of the planning, should be based on the actual basis, Rookie complex name, do brand marketing.


First, the service links fine. Service is the most intuitive impression of consumers on the paint brand, so constantly improve the various aspects of service, to enhance the brand image, to convey the spirit of the brand, to promote the purchase of consumers. Second, the promotion links more and more, and not conducive to the choice of consumers, in many of the promotional activities to promote the cause, may make consumers become aimless, and therefore cancel the numerous promotional links, at a glance is the best way The Finally, the promotion model should be slowly changed from the original single marketing methods to the full transition to the full mode of operation, this process remember that mechanically, but also put an end to the cottage.

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